Friday, May 11, 2007

Weight Loss Advantages

So I finally got to read day one of The Beck Diet Solution last night. The task was simply to make a list of the advantages of losing weight. This list is to be read at least twice a day to remind me of why I want to lose weight and maintain that loss. I am also supposed to read the list anytime I have a sabotaging thought about my weight loss. There was a long list of examples in the book but my list is rather short.
  1. I want to be healthy.
  2. I want to feel attractive.
  3. I want my clothes to fit the way they should fit.
  4. I want to be more fit - better able to do physical activities with the kids.
  5. I want to have more confidence.
  6. I want to be in control of what I eat, rather than having my cravings control me.
  7. I just really want to be comfortable with my body and feel better about how I look.

So there you go - day one is done. I also went ahead with day two's task. It is to choose two diet plans. The first plan is the primary plan and the second is a backup plan just in case the first doesn't work out. That was an easy task. I know Weight Watchers Points works for me - obviously since I have been following it for four years. So that is my primary plan - just to be officially following the book my backup will be the Weight Watchers Core plan.

Weekend Plans

Tonight we are going to an Arkansas Traveler's baseball game. We got free tickets for everyone, so we are going with a bunch of people from work. It should be fun if we don't get rained on. Tomorrow I am going to a baby shower for my cousin's wife. Other than that I intend to spend the weekend relaxing - hopefully I will get a little reading done.

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