Friday, May 18, 2007

Tracking What I Eat

One of the most important changes I made to lose weight was being truly aware of everything I put in my mouth. I follow the weight watchers plan which assigns a point value based on calories, fat, and fiber content of foods. When I first started, I was very meticulous at writing everything down that I ate. As I was on the plan for a while I began to rely on my memory which if you know me at all isn't very good. But it was hard for me to always have a journal with me to log my points as I went. This is not just a problem I have, as I was reading on Roni's Weight Watchen Page that others also sometimes have problems journaling and tracking. So what did I do?

While surfing the Internet reading up on everything weight watchers I found a neat little bracelet that they offer to help you track your points throughout the day. Here is a photo of the bracelet that is available through Weight Watchers.

Keeping track of your daily POINTS values has never been easier, more convenient
or less noticeable. Slip this stylish beaded bracelet on and forget the pencil
and paper! Each pearl represents 1 POINT and the silver pearl marks 5 POINTS
increments, providing an easy visual aid. Whenever you eat, move the charm the
appropriate number of pearls on the bracelet and you’re on your way!

Now of course being the crafty and thrifty (a nice way of saying cheap) person that I am, I decided to make my own bracelets. I now have six or seven in various colors and styles, and you will see me with one of them on most of the time. It has really helped me to always be aware of just how much I have eaten throughout the day.

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