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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The "Real" Flower Girl

Here is a picture of our shy little flower girl and the bride taken at the wedding Saturday. You can tell by the look on her face she was very bashful. I don't think the had a real smile on her face in any of the pictures.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Flower Girl

As a young girl I always wanted to be the flower girl in a wedding, but I never had the opportunity, so a couple of months ago when a couple from church asked Skylar to be the flower girl in their wedding I just knew she would love to do it. I was wrong. Whoever came up with the idea of having young children in weddings must have had a good sense of humor. They are unpredictable at best and just downright ornery at worst.

Skylar - who used to not have a shy bone in her body - has become increasingly bashful in the past few months. In fact she is starting to remind me a lot of myself - quiet and shy until she gets to know you, then you can't shut her up. I knew things were not going to go well, when at the rehearsal all she wanted to do was cling to me, but after spending several hours around everyone in the wedding party Friday evening and Saturday morning, she finally started to loosen up.

That was until the music started, and she was supposed to head down the aisle. She dropped a total of two flower petals before stopping dead in her tracks, tearing up, and wanting momma. To minimize the fit, I headed down the aisle, took her by the hand, and tossed the flower petals myself. When we got to the front of the church she refused to stand with the rest of the girls and ended up on the front pew with me. So, I finally fulfilled my childhood dream of being the flower girl, but needless to say it was nothing as I had envisioned it.

Friday, November 16, 2007


According to Wikipedia, compassion is best described as an understanding of the emotional state of another. It goes on to say that compassion is often combined with a desire to reduce the suffering of others and to show special kindness to those who suffer. Compassion is most often shown through one's actions - much like faith in Christ. It is the actions that a Christian takes that show our faith to the rest of the world. It is easy to say that your heart goes out to the suffering of the world, but it is only true compassion when you are led to do something about it.

So how does one do something about it? It isn't always about giving money to the poor, helping the sick, or some other grand gesture. Many times it is simply listening to the heartbroken, providing a kind word or a card in a time of distress, or just letting someone know that you care. There are many suffering around us who need compassion. It's not just the hungry, the poor, the elderly and the sick. It is the mother struggling with her children, the family torn by alcoholism, the son who just can't live up to his parents' expectations. All of these people need to know that someone cares, that someone is willing to listen and help, without being judgemental of the situation. To feel loved in spite of their situation.

Isn't this really what all of us who call ourselves Christians be doing? If we are to follow Christ's example then the answer is yes. Did He not leave the example that we should forsake our own desires and act compassionately toward those who are suffering? Sometimes this means forgiving when you really don't want to or saying you are sorry over a simple misunderstanding. Sometimes it is simply admitting that you can understand a different point of view.

The life of Christ reflects for Christians the very essence of the meaning of compassion, that has inspired many Christians throughout the centuries to care for the lame, deformed, broken-hearted, sick, dying and those who are in need. Christian compassion extends even to love of one's own enemies. What better way to show your faith than to have a little compassion for those that are suffering? Show some understanding for your fellow man and you will be blessed for it. After all, didn't Christ show more compassion for us when He took our place on the cross, than we could ever show for anyone? And our acts of compassion show that love of Christ to those around us. You never know when your actions just might lead someone else to know His love.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thankful Thursday

There are so many things to be thankful for - here are just a few of mine:
  • my sweet and faithful husband
  • that I am finally almost over being sick
  • next week is Thanksgiving and I am thankful that I will get to spend some time with all of my family - so many people don't have that opportunity
  • I am off work 3 days next week
  • Brian and I have finally been able to plan a day off together - just us, no kids
  • the good Halloween candy is finally gone
  • we found a temp for while Mel is on maternity leave
  • tax class is almost over
  • Skylar got her certificate for knowing all of the books of the Bible
  • Stephen has stepped up his reading and is so close to his goal for AR points

For more Thankfulness head over to God is in control - NOT ME. I promise there are much more inspiring list there.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Challenge

So I didn't post last week due to illness. I really expected to be up this week due to the fact that the only thing being sick didn't effect was my appetite. But I have good news - I actually am down a pound. I will definitely take that. With Thanksgiving a week away I guess it is time to plan my strategy for the holidays. I really hope have decided to just maintain throughout the next six weeks. I don't expect to lose anything, and since I am starting the season right at the top of my comfort zone, my true desire is not to do any damage by gaining. It won't be easy. Good food will be more plentiful than ever, but I will try to remember that just because it is there doesn't mean I have to eat it. Check out more at Tales from the Scales...

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Adoring Fans

I was informed that my fans miss me. Well I really appreciate that. I think I am about to get over being sick. I still have a headache and a cough that rears its ugly head a little too often for my liking but I do feel much better.

All is well with the kids as well. Skylar is no longer sick and Stephen hasn't caught anything yet. We did all wait patiently in line Friday afternoon to get our flu shots. Hopefully that will prevent us all from getting that dreaded wintertime illness. If you haven't got your shot yet I highly recommend it.

Skylar is going to be the flower girl in a wedding this Saturday. We spent all weekend looking for shoes. Who knew it would be so hard to find a simple pair of white dress shoes in her size. Everywhere we went either didn't have ANYTHING in white or her size. By the time we finally got sick of looking, we settled for a pair of strappy white shoes that are almost sandals. Not what I was looking for but they will do.

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is only a week away. The kids will both be out of school for the entire week. I think I will take an extra day or two off myself, if it works into the schedule here at work. We don't have any definite plans yet. When or should I say whether we do anything with Brian's family depends on how his dad feels. He has his last chemo treatment this week. If he feels up to it we will have Thanksgiving there on Thursday at lunch. When my family will get together hasn't even been discussed yet. Somehow we always get stuck scheduling around everyone's other plans.

I would like to go to my grandmother's as well this year. I haven't been there for any holiday in years. I have finally gotten past all of my personal problems with her and it just feels like it's time to let my kids get to know her a little better. She turned 80 a couple of month's ago, so there may not be that many holiday's left to celebrate with her at all.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Missing in Action

I know I haven't posted all week, but I have a good excuse. I have been sick. I went to the doctor Monday. I have a sinus infection. Even with the meds he gave me, I don't seem to be getting over it as quickly as I would like. I guess I am getting old - not mending as fast as I used to. Anyway, just wanted to let everone know I am still alive.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday already? And on top of that it's November. Where did the time go?

This week I want to say how thankful I am that Skylar is feeling better. I am thankful that the doctor was able to see her on such short notice Monday, even insisting that we bring her Monday at 5:30 rather than waiting until Tuesday.

I am thankful for fall weather. It is finally starting to feel like summer might really be over. Soon the leaves will start to change and then fall. I know God is about to paint a beautiful picture for us all to enjoy.

I am thankful for the time off of work I had last week. It was nice to have a couple of days off with nothing planned. My favorite part was going to the library - I know I am such a nerd, but I really love to read, and God has led me to some really great books lately. I just finished the third book of the Yada Yada Prayer Group series. I really love these books so far. I can see bits of myself and my friends in several of the characters, and as I see them grow, I am often moved to tears, knowing that God has worked some of the same miracles in our lives.

I am thankful that God's word reminded me that His word never returns void. I made the decision Sunday to stop teaching in children's church. My patience and nerves had run out for dealing with behavioral problems. I had hoped to get an immediate sense of peace over the decision, but it didn't come until later when God led me to read Isaiah 55 - specifically verse 11. While it felt like everything I tried to teach in that class fell on deaf ears, God assures me that as long as I taught His word, someday something will come of it. And while that assurance hasn't led me to rethink the decision to quit teaching the class, it has given me a peace in knowing that everything I have done in there was not in vain. And with the closing of one door, God will open another. I don't yet know what God will lead me to do, but He has something planned for me.

And I almost forgot - I am very thankful that I made the last payment on my van last week and received the title in the mail this week. One less bill to pay.

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