Sunday, February 22, 2015

Crafty Weekend

Skylar and I took time this weekend to do a little painting. Skylar is quite artistic.  She has had several lessons from her Aunt Robin who is an art teacher.  I on the other hand am rather crafty but my art skills are lacking.  I did however find a rather simple painting on the Internet and was able (with Skylar's help) to copy it pretty closely.

Here is Skylar's original painting (created as a birthday gift for her cousin JD)

This is my Love Bird painting.

Still feeling a little creative, I painted this shamrock on burlap to hang on our downstairs door.  The plan is to paint one for each month to add a little festive look to the I just have to get inspired to paint again.

Monday, February 16, 2015


It warmed my heart to hear Brian and Skylar sing "Too Near the Crown" together Sunday at church. I hope they blend their voices together more often.
(Edited to correct the typo...and to say that I can't type worth anything on my laptop.)