Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Staying the Same

Well my first official week of maintenance went pretty well. I was actually a little surprised that I didn't gain. I pretty much spent Saturday and Sunday eating whatever I wanted. We had Chinese Saturday, and then Sunday was potluck at church. Even though I took some healthier choices, it is hard to pass by some of my favorites without getting a little taste.

I also have to praise God for an answered prayer. First let me say that we have been blessed that both of our children have never had to stay with anyone other than family while we work. My mom has provided a loving place for them to stay ever since Stephen was born. Then after Skylar was born, and Brian's mom retired they have had the opportunity to spend a day or two a week with her. Well now that Brian's dad is sick, we have been praying for someone trustworthy to watch then a couple of days a week. My mom is just not able to keep up with them and my 4 year old nephew five days a week. Last night we got the answer to our prayer. Our next door neighbor, and long time friend said she would be happy to keep them. She and her husband are like family. In fact the kids even call them aunt and uncle. The kids will love spending the extra time with them, and I won't have to worry that they are being cared for in a loving yet disciplined manner.


Jan B said...

Congratulations. Remember that a taste is fine, but watch the scales while you maintain. It is the point where you are most vulnerable while your body is readjusting to it's new metabolic rate.

Let us know how it goes, I hope that your maintenance phase is very easy.

Mama Bear June said...

Great job on maintaining!

And praise God for the answered prayer.

Denise said...

Great job on maintaining, congrats.