Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gone Fishing

My parents took all the grand kids fishing yesterday. Reading my mom's blog about the adventure really took me back to my childhood. Most of our fishing trips, camping trips, and other adventures turned out much like this. I remember going camping exactly twice as a child. One time my grandma and aunt took all of us grand kids to the lake. The only thing I remember about the trip was that it rained. The other time my parents took my sister and me out in the national forest. It was roughing it style. I remember not liking going to do my business in the woods. And chiggers. If you have never had the pleasure of getting into a "mess of chiggers" as they are called around here, trust me, you don't want to. There is nothing quite like the itch of a few dozen chigger bites, to make you want to scratch your skin off.

I also remember many fishing trips to my grandparents ponds. I was always afraid of snakes and bugs, and I did not want to touch the worms or even the fish I caught for that matter. Honestly I haven't got much better about this. We lived in a house with a pond for a while and did a lot of fishing then, but even as an adult I am constantly watching around my feet for critters and hearing things in the bushes. Even though I am not much of an outdoorsy person, I want my kids to have the experience of camping in a tent, and catching a real whopper. I may try to talk Brian into an overnight camping trip to the lake this fall once the weather starts to cool off. I know the kids would love it, and the fresh air would do us all good.

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