Friday, June 01, 2007

Checkup Time

We took the kids to the doctor today for their annual checkups. All is well. They were none to happy to find out they needed booster shots though. Skylar had 4 and was definitely not happy by the time they had stuck her 4 times. She was very brave though, holding back most of the tears as she clung tightly to daddy. After seeing Skylar be so brave, Stephen had to be brave to, but you could tell he didn't really want to. He only had to have 2 shots, and it is a good thing because I don't think I could have held him for anymore. He is getting so big.

Tomorrow is the big party. I have the cake almost complete. Just a few finishing touches to finish up in the morning. I know all day we will hear, "Is it almost time for my party?" "How much longer until my party?" It almost makes me wish I had scheduled it for early morning instead of afternoon.

Brian made it home fine yesterday. Other than a bad headache, he had no ill effects from the flight home. He took off work today to recouperate. I hope that by tomorrow his headache is gone, and he is good as new.

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