Thursday, June 07, 2007

Good Eats, Nap Please

Today a certain client, who shall remain nameless, treated our entire office staff to lunch. Now I have been doing really good here at work when it comes to lunch. I have been bringing pre-portioned, nutritious meals from home, saving not only calories but money too. I have also been packing snacks so that I don't get too hungry before heading home to fix supper. So knowing I needed to make good decisions, I scouted out the menu to Mike's Place BEFORE we ever left the office. I made my selections beforehand so I wouldn't be tempted to choose unwisely at the restaurant. I did really good - I chose the blackened chicken with a baked potato - butter and sour cream on the side. I finished my meal satisfied. Then they brought the dessert menu...needless to say I am a sucker for cheesecake - man it was good. While it wasn't the best decision I could have made, but I made it and now I need a nap. I am soooo not used to eating that much. I really hope the kids have already eaten when we pick them up because there is no way I will want to fix supper tonight.

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