Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Goal

For my birthday, Brian got me exactly what I wanted, a treadmill. I have done really good at using it ever since. I started keeping a log of my distances and times on the second night. That night I walked 2.4 miles in 46 minutes. I have been increasing my distance ever since, but walking a minimum of 45 minutes each session at least 5 nights a week. On Tuesday I went 3 miles in 45 minutes. I even managed to jog one mile of that, which led me to set a new goal for myself. As you may remember, each October I participate in the Race for the Cure. By this October I want to be able to run the entire 5K - that's just slightly over 3 miles. While that may not seem like much, for a couch potato like me, it might as well be a marathon. So - I will keep you all updated on my progress and let you know when I finally reach my goal.

As far as the weight loss goals I have, I am still holding steady. I haven't been able to shake those 5 pounds I put on during the Christmas season, but I haven't added any more. I am hoping the new walking/jogging routine will whittle them away. I can already see a difference in the way some of my clothes fit. Even though the scale hasn't shown a loss, some of the fat has at least shifted around, so I have to consider that a non-scale victory.

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