Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Day Off

Yesterday I took the day off to go on a field trip with Stephen and his class. Let me tell you, there's nothing quite like sitting on a bus with 40 second graders to make you very appreciative of their teachers. Not only that, I am more thankful for my job today than I was on Tuesday - at least we only act like 8 year old kids on occasion around here.

It wasn't a bad trip at all really. They spent the morning at the park playing before having a picnic lunch. After that we went to the IMAX theater to see a movie. While the actual movie left a little to be desired, I would like to go see something interesting at the IMAX now. Luckily the movie - The Living Sea - was only about 45 minutes long. I really don't think it would have held their interest much longer. After that we headed back to school and I checked Stephen out early. I treated him and Skylar to snow cones then we went to the library. So how is that for an exciting vacation day...

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