Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm Smart Now

Well yesterday we sent both of our kids off for their first day of school. Stephen started second grade. He seems to have lost a little of the excitement he used to have for school. When we picked him up, he wasn't gushing with information about how his day went. In the past he has always been very eager to go to school and always gave a full report about his day. Yesterday it was like pulling teeth to get anything at all out of him about his day. He said his day was fine and he had fun, but I sure hope he regains that eagerness and excitement about school.

Ready for Second Grade

On the other hand, Skylar was full of information about her day. When we picked her up she informed us the, "I'm smart now." Apparently it only took one day of school for her to get smart. She was so excited. She told us all about her new friends, she recited the Pledge of Allegiance for us (complete with something about a vacation rather than one nation) and she told us she learned the nursery rhyme Jack remember, Jack be quick...She had no problems being left at school, and when we picked her up Mrs. Cindy said the only problem she had all morning was staying in her seat. Now it is hard to imagine Skylar having a problem sitting still...we will have to work on that.

Set for Preschool

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