Friday, August 24, 2007

Great Progress

Finally, Friday is here. The first week of school is behind us and everyone seems to be working into a routine. Both kids have done well getting up in the mornings, and Skylar has made leaps and bounds of progress in getting to bed at night. She is my night owl. I think she would stay up all night if I would let her. We have dealt with crying at bedtime for so long that we thought it would never end. But Sunday night when we told her it was bedtime, she was so excited about going to school that she gave us no problems. Monday night she whined a little and wanted to watch a movie, but we told her no and she promptly fell asleep within just a few minutes. We had a little whining Tuesday night but she was asleep in record time. Wednesday night it was an hour past bedtime by the time we got home from church, and she didn't even want to bother with getting undressed before going to bed. And last night was amazing. I told her it was bedtime, and she walked straight to her room, climbed into bed, kissed me goodnight, and closed her eyes. I checked on her five minutes later and she was sound asleep. Praise the Lord...

Stephen is getting better at sharing his day with me. I have to ask a lot of questions to get any information out of him, but that's OK. He told me yesterday that they had visiting time in class. He got to visit with his new friend Amber. Amber is the daughter of a friend of mine from school. It is so neat to me that he is friends with the children of my former classmates. Sometimes going to school with him is like attending a class reunion, but I guess that is to be expected in a small town.

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