Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

The theme this week over at Sting My Heart is hope. I am truly thankful for the hope we have in Christ. Without Him all hope is lost.

I am thankful for my health as well as that of my family. We often take our health for granted, complaining about minor aches and pains, but there are many others much worse off than we are. I have several people on my personal prayer list right now who are struggling with health issues - some severe. It is hard to know how to pray sometimes. Of course we always have hope they they will be healed, but the truth is if they know Christ we know they will be healed. We may not see that healing here, but even if they pass on from this life, they will be healed and free from all ailments when they get to heaven.

I'll leave you with a list of names of people who need your prayers and just ask that you lift them and their families up. Bobby, Steve, Pat, Granny Price,Crystal, and Rosa. If you have someone close to you that you would like to request prayer for, I encourage you to leave a comment.


Living Beyond said...

Hope always has an expected end - I love that. Thanks she sharing.

genny said...

Yes there is always hope to everybody while still live. I believe that and thanks for sharing also. Take care.

Marsha said...

Resting in hope for your friends that are in need of prayer.

Denise said...

Bless you dear one.

twinklemom said...

I will be praying for them!

I read a really great quote that I wish I could remember where I saw it; It said, "Hope is faith reaching its hand out in the dark"

Our Heavenly Father is so wonderful that even in our darkest nights...He never leaves our side!

Lynn said...

This is a really neat post. There are so many in need. The scriptures are filled with examples of Jesus healing. It is still true today. Let us always pray. God bless you. Love and hugs, Lynn