Saturday, January 05, 2008

One Room at a Time

On a rare occasion, I wake up in the mood to clean. It doesn't happen very often. In fact it doesn't happen nearly often enough, but I have been bitten by the cleaning bug twice already this year. New Year's Day, I tackled our computer room/closet. Today it was the living room. What started out as just vacuuming, ended with what most would classify as "spring cleaning." With Brian's help, all of the furniture was moved, everything got dusted, and even the corners were vacuumed. The only thing left to do is clean the carpet and then install a device to electrically shock the kids when they deposit their junk in the floor... wonder if they make one of those...hmmm.

So now that two rooms in my house are presentable, I have a new goal. At some point in my life, I would like for my whole house to be clean at one time. Usually, I can manage to get one or two rooms in the house to a point that I would not pretend not to be home if someone showed up unexpectedly, but to have them all clean at once almost seems like an unattainable feat. There are always a couple of little elves going behind me messing faster than I can clean, dirtying laundry and dishes at an unimaginable pace. Those same elves seem to magically disappear at the mere mention of cleaning.

If you have any tips on keeping a house clean, short of locking everyone outside, please let me know. In the meantime, I will continue to tackle it one room at a time, hoping the cleaning bug bites a little more often. And if you happen to show up at my house unexpectedly, and no one answers the door, but you are sure someone is at home, you will know that the elves have been hard at work.


jenny jones said...

I have an idea! Send the kids to my house and let me play a role of an AUNT and you can clean all day and then the next saturday you can leave the kids with Brian and you can come help me clean! It is just me and Rodney but goodness we can make messes...we have 2 bedrooms that are just full of JUNK!...I mean one you can barely get the door open enough to just throw stuff into it...sad I know!!!!

Or just send the cleaning bug my way next time he leaves your house :)

Mel said...

I knew someone other than me was messing up my house! Let's tie up the elves, then when we clean they won't mess up. Greg always gets off his chain though....BTW - I think you have 3 elves - you forgot the tall one...