Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Have I Mentioned, I Hate Shopping

I reminded Brian yesterday just how lucky he is...his wife, unlike the majority of women, hates to shop. I have been in need of some new dress pants for work for several months, but for some strange reason I decided yesterday I was going to buy some. After three stores, I had not bought a thing...and then I remembered why I am in such need of pants. I hate to shop. Nothing fits me. I remember before I lost weight, I had this grand illusion that if I was thinner I would be able to find all kinds of cute clothes to wear. Well I was right about finding them, just not for me. The racks are full of cute clothes...just none to fit my apparently oddly-shaped body. And so I headed home, still in need of pants and even a little depressed. I know I shouldn't let it get me down but for some reason it really bothered me yesterday.

Oh - and Brian told me I didn't have to remind him how lucky he is. He realizes it every time his co-workers come in ranting and raving about how much money their wives have spend on clothes.

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Ann said...

I hate shopping too--I can't seem to find stuff that fits and looks decent either.