Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's Been a Week???

Has it really been a whole week since I posted? What happened. I guess life happened. It's been crazy at work with the final income tax deadline for the year passing on the 15th - sure hope everyone got their taxes filed. I don't think I mentioned it before but I am also in the middle of and income tax class for work. We had our midterm Monday...hope I did OK. It's been a long time since I have had to sit in lecture, do homework, and study for tests.

There has been some fun stuff too. Last Friday night was the Casting Crowns concert. Even though I have to say that I don't think it was nearly as good as the first time I saw them two years ago, I really enjoyed it. We had good fellowship, a great meal at Chili's, and the music and worship was a real blessing.

Saturday was a busy day too. We took the kids to Brian's company picnic. I have to say it was better than the county fair a couple of weeks ago. His company really does it up right. They have carnival games for the kids, bounce houses, mazes, bingo, door prizes, and lots of food. There were nachos, funnel cakes, sno-cones, smoked ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, chips and cookies. And it was all FREE. The kids had a wonderful time and when we left there we took them to a birthday party at Playworld. By the time we left there we were all give out.

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As for this weeks Tales from the Scales challenge...I lost a pound. Which is hard to believe since I think I had at least one bite of everything listed above - plus birthday cake. But I will take it. If I could skip the weekends I would do much better at losing/maintaining my weight. I do really well during the week when everything is on schedule. I eat lunch at the same time. I bring the same things for breakfast. It's when I am faced with too much time on my hands and too much to choose from that I tend to make the wrong choices.


Scale Junkie said...

Congrats on your pound lost!!

Jan B said...

I am so glad that you lost a pound!! That's wonderful, see you next week!

Mama Bear June said...

Congrats on the loss! If you only have a BITE of good things, it's OK. :-D
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