Friday, September 21, 2007

Race for the Cure

I have never been big on fundraising. I'm just no good at begging people for their hard earned money. However, I do participate in a couple of big fundraisers each year. Each spring I join together with my church family and take part in the Relay for Life, which is sponsored by the American Cancer Society. And each fall I personally take part in the Race for the Cure which raises funds for breast cancer awareness and research. I am also happy to say that Brian is supporting me this year by joining the 3 Miles of Men.

There is not one person I know that has not been touched by cancer in one way or another. My grandmother and my mother-in-law both have survived breast cancer. My father-in-law is going through chemo right now to fight lymphoma. Just this year alone, we have had a close friend diagnosed with colon cancer, church family that are battling, as well as several acquaintances that have fought this horrible disease - some are still fighting, some have claimed victory, and others have lost the battle.

So, while I won't hound you for donations, I do ask that if you feel that you would like to make a donation to help find a cure for breast cancer simply click on the pink ribbon to the left or click here to go to my personal Because I Care donation page. I truly appreciate your support!

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jenny jones said...

Guess what...I got signed up and I will be walking this year! My Best Friends Mom is a Survivor of Breast Cancer and I joined their team...I am so excited!