Monday, July 09, 2007

Jesus, Send the Rain

I have been going through a drought. Not literally. The weather has actually been rather wet for this time of year. I mean spiritually. I don't know why, but lately I haven't felt like worshiping, praising, studying, or even praying. But last night, the rain started to fall. We had an outstanding service at church last night. I had spent the whole morning service and most of the evening service sulking. I didn't want to hear the message. Then God softened my heart and I began to listen to Him. It was nothing the preacher said, nothing in the song service or the testimony service, it was the Holy Spirit moving through the sanctuary. It was just me and God. I cried out to Him at the altar and He met me there like He is always faithful to do. I got up from the altar feeling as though I was starting anew, freshly washed by the rain that only God's mercy is able to send.

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