Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick Update

Well, if everything goes as planned we will be selling our house at 1:30 this Friday, and purchasing the new house at 10 on Monday. We have spent most of the last month packing and sorting. We have weeded out some stuff, but probably not nearly as much as we should have. Maybe we can part with more of it as we begin to unpack next week. We are all tired but super excited. The kids are anxious to get their rooms back in order, and to get their own rooms again. Almost two weeks ago, when we were running out of space to store the packed boxes, we decided to move Skylar's bed into Stephen's room and store the boxes in her room. That has worked pretty well, but you can sure tell they are not used to sharing their space. It will be a real treat to get to spread out again.

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Jettie said...

5 hrs left in owning this particular'll be homeless for 2 1/2 days..