Thursday, February 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well, it is official. Brian moved the last of our belongings from Earl Street today. He was off to tackle the mini-storage last time I talked to him. When that is all moved, we will be done with that monterous job. Next comes the unpacking, but the way I see it, the necessities are already unpacked, and the rest can be tackled in the same manner we packed it - one box at a time. We aren't on any deadlines, and while it will be nice to have everything put away and settled, it doesn't have to all be done at once.

Tuesday night was the first night we got to spend in the new house. The kids love it. The neighborhood kids have descended upon us like locusts. One of Stephen's classmates lives right next door. They have played together every evening so far. I know they will have a lot of fun together. There is also a little girl Skylar's age just down the street, though we haven't got to meet her yet. I am sure that once we do, they will become fast friends as well.

We have been so blessed throughout all of this. Our families have stepped in and helped so much. They have cleaned and moved and for that we are extremely grateful. Our church family has been so helpful too. Tuesday night four of the guys showed up and with three trucks and trailers, they managed to move all of our big furniture, as well as a lot of other stuff in a matter of a couple of hours. I can honestly say that we could have never pulled this off without all of the help we have had. Even with the help, poor Brian is absolutely exhausted. He has worked so hard this week. I know he will be glad when it is all done, so he can relax a little.

Maybe in a few days I can take a couple of pictures and get them posted. The ones that were on the real estate website really didn't do the house justice at all.

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