Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Window into Stephen's World

Brian spends at least one Friday a month working at Stephen's school through a great program called WatchD.O.G.S. By doing this he has become very familiar with most of the students in not only Stephen's class but in the entire second grade. He gets to interact with them both in the classroom as well as on the playground. It has been a great experience for both Brian and Stephen. What has been great for me is hearing the stories about Stephen at school. This is a window into a part of a child's life that a lot of parents never see. What we have learned is not only is our son a great student with lots of character who follows all of the rules to a tee (wish that happened at home too), but he is a player too... Brian observed him on the playground surrounded by a group of giggling girls. He was doing his best comedy act and really had them rolling. He also has a Spanish tutor at recess. He and one of the little girls in his class walked around the playground and she was teaching him Spanish.

Truth be known he is just like his daddy. He has never met a stranger, he is totally at ease making conversation with anyone, and he loves to make other people laugh. He is the opposite of me. Not that Stephen doesn't get some traits from me as well. I am a rule follower. In school I was just like him - an overachiever who did everything by the book. I remember my college advisor looking at my transcript and commenting that I had followed the catalog of classes almost exactly for each semester. So maybe Stephen got the best of both of us - a total package so to speak.

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