Friday, December 28, 2007


So tomorrow is the big day we have been looking forward to for what seems like months. I guess since we ordered tickets in September, it really has been months. Brian and I, along with Kathy, will be going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra in concert. Now if you don't know who they are, don't let the name fool you. The are definitely not your traditional orchestra. With their blend of hard rocking guitars and wild violin, along with a laser show that is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, they are anything but traditional. We had the chance to see them last year, however because I am notoriously, cheap our seats left a lot to be desired. We were up so high, I literally got dizzy looking down, and the crew on the catwalk had to look up to see us, but we still enjoyed the show. I did concede that if we ever went to see them again that Brian got to pick the seats. So tomorrow we will enjoy the show from our 15th row floor seats. I know we won't be disappointed.

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jenny jones said...

15th row floor seats sound awesome! Yeah I think I would just let him handle it from now on :) Hope you guys have a GREAT time!!!!!