Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ups and Downs

This past week has been a week full of ups and downs. We will start with the weight watchers...Saturday I hit an alltime low - unfortunatley Saturday is not my "official" weigh in day. By the time I had buffet Saturday night and potluck Sunday at church my official weigh in is more of the same...at least its not a gain.

Stephen if finally all better. He is on spring break this week and yesterday he got the opportunity to meet the soldier he has been writing to in Iraq. Several months ago our church decided to send care packages to some soldiers who are family members of people in our church. The kids each sent a letter in one of the packages. Stephen's went to Donnie Crain who is Linda Cole's nephew. When Donnie wrote him back Stephen was thrilled. Stephen has sent him a couple of letters and pictures he has drawn, and Stephen has received post cards in return. Yesterday Linda called and said that Donnie is home on leave and they were going up to have lunch with him and wanted Stephen to go with them. Stephen had a wonderful time meeting Donnie.

As for the downs...last week was a very emotionally trying week for the family. My 18 year old niece decided to show her rebellious side. She disappeared last Wednesday night. The family spent all day Thursday looking for her. I was an emotional wreck as was the rest of the family. I spent the entire day in prayer here at work. I could only imagine the worst. By the end of the day we had found that she has pretty much been living a double life for the last year. No need to go into details but she isn't the sweet innocent girl she made herself out to be. There are a lot of issues to work out and it will be a long time before she earns back the family's trust once she decides to even try. I know that some day she will return like the prodigal son and I just pray that God keeps his hand of protection on her and makes her realize how miserable she is in the meantime.


Mallory said...

This really hurts my feelings and I would appreciate it if you would keep my name off of your blog now and in the future.

Kim said...

I recently changed some wording in this post due to the fact that it hurt some feelings. I have appoligzed for hurting feelings. It does not change the fact that this is the way I felt on this particular day.