Monday, March 12, 2007

The Road to Recovery

Well Stephen is finally on the mend. After a return trip to the doctor on Friday we found out he had pneumonia. A pretty bad case of pneumonia. The Dr. gave him a strong dose of antibiotics by way of a shot (which he did not like at all) and then a 5 day course of oral antibiotics. By Saturday morning he was like a new boy. He is still pretty weak and tires easily but he was able to go to church yesterday and is back at school today.

This was pretty alarming to me since on Thursday of last week I heard that a childhood friend of mine, Shannon Sample, passed away from pheumonia. I had not seen her in years but the news was really shocking. She was only 32, and she left behind an 18 month old son. I don't know anything about her recent life, but I am praying for God to comfort her family. I know they must be going through quite an ordeal.

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