Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Choo Choo

Sometimes we take for granted things we see everyday. I can't tell you how times I have had to sit and wait for a train to pass. I cross the train tracks at least 4 times everyday on my way to work and home. The train tracks run less than 100 yards from the front door of the office where I work. We hear the train whistles blow from our home daily. It is hard for me to imagine NOT seeing trains, but I remember once when my boss' grandkids were young they were visiting the office when they heard the train whistle blow.  They ran to the window to watch the train go by. There are no train tracks where they lived and seeing a train was something very unusual for them.

Yesterday, while riding my bike, I heard the whistle blowing and stopped to catch a picture of the train that was coming down the line...this was the view from behind the bars.

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