Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Toys

So when you get yourself a new toy for Christmas, do you put it under the tree and make yourself wait until Christmas to enjoy it? Usually I would answer that question, "Yes." But this year it seems the answer is no. After five years of arm twisting, Brian finally talked me into getting a laptop. It was delivered today, and yes we are now using it. I haven't formed an opinion on it yet, but I figure I will grow to love it.

On another note, the weather has turned frightful, and I don't like it. Yesterday it was near 70 degrees and today we had sleet and freezing rain. The roads were covered in slush as we headed home from work early. The kids are going to be thrilled to find out in the morning that they don't have to go to school though. As for work, Brian's employer has announced they will begin work at 10, so we will at least get a late start to the day if nothing else.

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