Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

There were no cut flowers, no chocolates, no balloons, no teddy bears - no none of the traditional gifts most people expect to get on Valentine's day. Brian has always been good at coming up with the most original gifts. I received this cute t-shirt with the Chinese symbol for love on it - personalized with our names and anniversary. He also gave me a personalized coffee cup with the symbol for eternity on it. The kids each gave me a miniture rose bush that hopefully I can keep alive long enough for spring to arrive so I can plant them outside.

I gave Brian the shelf you see behind me in the photo. My mom and dad built it to hold ALL of the cd's and dvd's that we have. The sad thing is that after loading everything in it there is only one empty shelf left. Luckily the shelves are adjustable and I have already requested a few more. The funny thing is that it has been sitting in my parents' living room where Brian has seen it almost daily as they worked on it. He never once suspected that it was for him. In fact, earlier this week he asked my mom if they could build a shelf to go on top of our entertainment center to hold our dvd's. She found that quit amusing and told him it would have to wait until they finished some other projects.

So there you have it - our Valentine's day in a nutshell. Now if I could just remember to smile when I am having my picture taken.
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Michelle said...

Cute, very cute. I always like an original gift. On Valentine's Day, I went to Kroger on my lunch break. There were 6 men on the aisle picking out junk that didn't mean anything. I called my husband when I got back in the car and told him how much I loved him and appreciated the fact that we don't have to do such meaningless things as that.