Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feeling Better

Well I was sick earlier in the week but now I am feeling better. After eating nothing but saltines and water on Monday needless to say my Tuesday morning weigh-in was a bit skewed. It showed I had lost 8 pounds since last Tuesday -and if you recall last Tuesday's weigh-in was skewed by water retention. So maybe by next week everything will get evened out.

Today is Valentine's Day and my sweetheart got me the most thoughtful gift. He made up a basket of goodies for me. It included weight watcher cakes, flavored coffees, splenda coffee flavorings, hot chocolate, a heart shaped coffee mug, a candle and a picture frame that plays music. I really appreciate how much thought he put into getting me something to help me along. Which really makes me feel like a heel because I had intended to buy him something Monday when I had the van, and I ended up going home sick so I didn't get to the store by myself.

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