Monday, January 29, 2007

Buffets and Potlucks - A Thorn in My Side

No one who is watching what they eat should ever go to an all you can eat buffet. It is hard enough to make good decisions when you are staring at a menu full of delicious food but when it is sitting right in front of you for the taking it is next to impossible for me. We went to the Chinese buffet Saturday and I really tried hard to do good. I got a minimal amount of rice noodles and tried to get lots of veggies. Even at that I know I ate too much.

Then of course yesterday was potluck at church. I have heard it said that to join our church you must own a crock pot and know how to use it. We don't need an excuse to eat and everyone brings their most delicious recipes. Even when I bring something that is points conscious it is so hard to pass up all of the other delectable treats.

Overall I don't think I did too bad - I guess we will know for sure tomorrow when I weigh in.

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