Saturday, September 27, 2014

Marching Band

Let me just say, I am a band geek from way back.  I was in the band when being in the band wasn't cool, especially at Morrilton.  I got the yearbook out a few weeks ago and counted a total of 41 students in band my senior year.  That was for three grades.  I am very proud to say that both of my kids have joined the band.  This is Stephen's first year of high school band, and he loves it.  He has been playing the trumpet since the sixth grade.  Skylar has just started playing in the sixth grade.  She is on trumpet as well for now, but will switch to French horn after Christmas.

I am also proud to say that the band has grown since my high school days.  I would approximate that there are a little over 100 students in the 9th-12th grade high school band.  They sound great and they seem to have a LOT of fun.

Here is a short video of the pre-game entertainment from last night's game.  The band now enters by marching around the entire track and then stands on the track to play the national anthem and the alma mater.  They percussion section then plays several drum cadences while the rest of the band performs "dance" routines.  Like I said, they look like they have so much fun.

In a few weeks, once they are performing their full half-time show, I plan to take a real camera (not my dumb phone) and get some higher quality video.  In the meantime, this short snippet of their "Out of This World" halftime show including the theme from Star Trek and songs from Star Wars will have to do.

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Jettie said...

They look like they are enjoying themselves and they look good, too. Music is great.