Saturday, August 01, 2009

Nut Pie

Not long after we moved in February, Skylar brought home a pecan that she had found on the playground at school. A few days later she brought home another one. Not long after that she started wanting to make a "nut pie." Of course you and I both know that it takes a lot more than two pecans to make a pecan pie, so I told her we would have to find some more nuts first. Before long she had quite a collection of pecans and walnuts that she had gleaned from the playground and the lot across the street, though she was still way short of having enough pecans for a pie.

Eventually she talked about making a "nut pie" long enough that my grandmother sent her a couple of cups of pecans. So today I picked up the ingredients to make mini-pies. This was not only Skylar's first attempt at making a pecan pie, but it was my first attempt as well. I found this recipe for the mini-pies, and we went to work. As you can see, they turned out looking pretty good, and they don't taste 1/2 bad either. And no your eyes aren't fooling you. That one pie has no pecans in it. We made a couple just for Brian...since he doesn't like pecans.
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Jettie said...

Those are cute, and I'm glad she finally got that 'nut pie' she wanted.
Share the location for the recipe, as I have thought that would be the best way to make 'nut pies'.

Melody said...

Cute story and you can tell Brian that's how I like my "pecan" pie too!!!