Saturday, June 27, 2009

Feeling Domestic

I have had a sewing machine for close to 15 years, but have only used it on occasion. However, I have recently had a renewed interest in sewing. After looking at some of the clothes that are out there for girls Skylar's age, I decided...I can make something just as cute as that for a lot less money. Granted it does take an investment of time, I really think it is worth it. I enjoy the projects and of course I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I see the finished project. So far I have made Brian and Stephen each a pair of lounge pants and Skylar and her doll Robin matching outfits. Here are a couple of pictures of the fruits of my labor.


Melody said...

Very cute!!! Sam has started sewing some. She made a couple skirts, some pajama pants, and a purse that are adorable...I just haven't ever got into it, but those look great. I've heard doll clothes are a lot harder.

Jettie said...

Good job, and cute dressesand loungers. I used to love to sew, but haven't had the urge in a long time.

jenny said...

Love it!!!!