Friday, September 12, 2008

Update on the House

Well an update on the house. We made another offer last week and he accepted. So our house is now for sale. If we can sell it we will be moving. It's really kind of exciting and scary all at the same time. We are in the process of moving some of our stuff to storage just to make our house show better. I am also trying to finish up the bathroom painting project I started 3 weeks ago.

I am trying not to be anxious about it. We have prayed that God would direct us in each step of this process. We have also prayed that if this wasn't His will, that He would close the door completely. The door hasn't been closed, in fact it is open wider than before - our offer has been accepted even though our first offer was "too low to even counter" and we didn't raise our offer much. Interest rates are dropping right now, which will make this move even more affordable. The most convenient mini-storage facility had an immediate opening. These are all blessings to me. It also goes to show that God's timing is so much better than ours. Had he countered our first offer we would probably settled on a higher price than we got this time. We would also have had a much higher interest rate than is now available. I am now just praying that God has a family picked out for which our house will be perfect. I know if it's His will, that buyer will be directed right to our listing.

On a totally different note, Skylar got her hair cut last night. It's now about 5-6 inches shorter. I think it looks really cute. It hits right at her shoulders. I will try to post a picture next week sometime. This is the first real haircut she has had. We have always just kept the ends trimmed, but we were all tired of her hair dragging through her food, getting tangled, and always looking stringy just minutes after it had been brushed. It should be much easier to care for now.

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